Your Travel Crew



We want you to get to know us, just as much as we want to get to know you!! A passionate, fun-filled crew with a variety of travel experiences, both inside and out South Africa, you’re definitely getting the cream of the crop. Check out the gang who bring you the amazing and exclusive experiences of X-Plaw…

Our Mandate:

To equip every young individual who embarks on a journey with us with the right Tools to travel the world confidently.

“When I was younger we couldn’t afford to Travel, It wasn’t something that middle class black folk felt they could do. Get a Passport, get on a plane and go to the other side of the world. I want all our young people to feel like citizens of the world. To understand that part of their education is getting on a plane and experiencing something new and different, because every experience prepares you for the next. It broadens your mind” – Michelle Obama

Over the years we’ve attracted a team of young, vibrant, fun, adrenaline happy individuals who love travelling and live for wanting to make a positive difference while at it.

We meet hundreds of travellers on these journeys.

We change many lives by Giving back to Charity Organizations in South Africa and the African Continent while we travel.

And we’ve bring people together who later became the best of friends amongst each other.

No destination is too far for us to travel, no community is too small for us to change. We Travel with a Purpose. We are X-Plaw!